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Here From Oregon

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Hi guys. Just joined. I live in the Portland area in Oregon and ride a CBR. The weather is starting to turn, but I’m still riding. I’ve logged about 13k miles this year including a trip down to SoCal. I also have a YT channel I just started, showing my rides, and adventures. There’s also some how to vids there too. I look forward to being a part of this community.
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Welcome aboard, from the mid Atlantic
Welcome! I'm in Oregon as well, in Beaverton.

I thought riding season was done but it looks like we got a reprieve, eh?

We are friendly site here. Well, most of us
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Gidday from a small Island in the Salish Sea.
I used to know some guys that worked in the bike section of the local police. Was a long time ago.

Gidday from the beautiful State of Missouri!

Traveled to Portland many times on business when I lived in Southern California, have a LONG time friend who lives in Beaverton, Kids used to live in Salem and before we moved to MO in 1999, we were buying land on the coast in Gold Beach or Brookings, where we vacationed every summer but property taxes were WAY to high for me!

I Salmon fished almost every river in Oregon, every year with a group of Bud's and guides!

I especially love the road from Florence, Oregon, on the coast, east to Ontario, Oregon and Boise, Idaho, which I rode several times on the return trip from the Sturgis, SD Rally and through Yellowstone, twice on my Electra Glide and once on my Goldwing.

Hello from Arkansas. Been in the Portland area a couple times but was on a schedule so really didn't have time to visit. Really like that country in your ballpark.
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