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Good morning all

Can you help

I own a bmw system 7 helmet with bmw built in comms . I am trying to find out if I need to buy a specific comms spec to keep and clip into pillion helmets when riding with either my partner or children want to get good quality but one I can transfer rider to rider with different helmets .
I know my helmet connects to the bike via blue tooth sowouldany Bluetooth device simply do the same ?? I ride a2019 r1250gs

Thanks for help

Oh been looking at Sena -thoughts ?

Cheers rob

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Sena makes great equipment, my wife and I use SM10 units, have had them for years and they work well, pouring rain, cold, heat, nothing bothers them. I literally use mine 7 days a week. The question is whether or not a Sena will connect to your BMW built in unit, and that I don't know.
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