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Howdy. My name is Adam. I am a 21 year old enlisted crew chief in the Air Force. I just purchased my first bike, a 1985 Honda CB650sc nighthawk and I have a handful of questions that my bike’s manual answers but not with the answers id like. Here is what my manual shows. Pretty straightforward.


I absolutely love Firestone’s deluxe champion front and rear tire and would love to outfit my bike with a set if I am able to without endangering myself (too much). Here’s my questions

1. Can I put a tube type tire on a tube less rim?
2. The Firestone deluxe champion rear tire comes 5.00-16 which is factory standard BUT the front tire only comes fit for a 19 inch rim in size 3.25-19 or 4.00-19 when factory standard is 3.5-19. Can I get away with either of those similar front tire sizes? If so which one would be recommended?

Thank you for your time.
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