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So, I will let all of you know before you realize this, I am very new at doing mechanical things on a bike and do not know fully what I'm doing. So please, don't think badly of me :/ I'm getting really confused and kind of frustrated.

Ok. So the other day I traded a guy on craigslist for a beat down (not up), rusty piece of gold (in my own mind) of a 1972 Honda Sl350.

The good:
It has great compression for sitting around forever!
The seat is still intact
The wiring harness (and all the wires >> if that isn't included in wiring harness)
The rust is only top layer stuff, no bad pitting.
the front tube still holds air.
I have the key and I traded the whole thing for a goped :D

The bad:
No lights or turn signals
The tires are dry rotted
I'm pretty sure it's stuck in gear
clutch cable is worn out
Rustic chain
kick stand kinda looks like a miniature tree trunk o_O (rust, pitting)
No air filters
Wiring is all screwy and idk what goes to what
No battery
Some screws are stripped

The UGLY Dx:
The shift lever isn't there so if it is in gear, its stuck till I get another
There is no front brake lever
There are wires that don't have receptors or ports
and I don't know where to go to find the parts I need.

oh.. and did I mention the gas tank is from an old Kawasaki? << doesn't fit right and won't let the seat sit right.

Can anyone help a poor, 18yr old beginner biker restore his first bike?
All I need is a few directions and help finding all the parts I need, because I've looked and I have very little clue of what I'm doing and I don't want to mess this up :(

Thanks! :D

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You may need to re-wire just about everything. It's a fairly simple wiring harness, so if you have the schematic on hand, it will help. (Get the service manual as a first step)

Parts might be difficult to locate on something that old. Checking Ebay might be the best bet for items such as the shift lever and brake lever.

You should be able to find new cables fairly easy. It's best to buy these new, since they are relatively inexpensive. It would be a good idea to replace the throttle cables and probably the brake line as well.

You will need an impact driver to get the screws out. You can find one for less than $10 from many places online. Replace any stripped or damaged screws/bolts with new ones, preferably switching to allen or torx from the Japanese phillips.

You should also get a decent torque wench if you are going to be working on a motorcycle.

Don't trust old tires and tubes. A blowout can be deadly. It's not worth it.

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That's a lot of helpful information, thank you!

Yeah, the clutch cable is worn all the way out and the tires are both dry rotted to the point of splitting around the circumference. I'll definitely buy new tires and tubes.

The impact driver will even get out stripped screws? I'll probably switch to allen because I have a ton of allen wrenches.

I'm in the process of getting the Engine block off of the bike, how would I go about doing that?
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