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Any black is going to show dirt and scuffs more than a bright color, not to mention being hotter in the sun. That being said, that black scheme is niiiiice!

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As Hog would say.. :)

Welcome from the State of Illinois!

Make a few more posts here and the rest of the site will open to you.
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are a real person and not a spambot. Other members like to know they
are welcoming a real person. You normally have to make 15 posts before
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Tell us a little about yourself too.
We are friendly here. Well, some of us! :D


On subject, I'd get the red one. I've seen both in person and the red really does it for me. Looks fast just sitting still! :)
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Other drivers in cars will see the red better maybe???????
Don't count on it! A week before I traded my red CBR300R, a lady turned left right in front of me -- and I was wearing a lime green reflective safety vest and white helmet, to boot! Fortunately, as usual, I was expecting her move and was ready for it.

As for the matte black being a problem to keep looking good -- my new matte black Z650 is easier to keep looking good than the red Honda was, and not noticeably hotter in the sun.

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From Red Dwarf. Lady computer, runs everything including the guidance system.
The thing about black holes is, well they are black. And the thing about being black is, they are hard to see.
This was after the Red Dwarf ship got too close to a black hole.

So if you park the black one in the dark, it will be hard to find. I have heard the fuzz pick on red more often than other colours.
I do have a Midnight Special Yamaha, and it is mostly black. On my Island, I always carry a torch with me. We do not have street lights. It is black out at night.

I think the yellow ones went the fastest. Watch the latest Moto GP race. There are all colour of bikes. A red and white one won.

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