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Honestly, you will drop it sooner or even years later, and the tank may or may not ding. Seriously, accept it as fact of life and embrace the damage as a learning experience.

DYI: If you don't care about ugly, go to hd or lowes and get self stick vinyl flooring. Cut to size and shape it with a heat gun and then stick it to the sides of the tank you want to protect. It will stop scrapes and small dings on clean level ground. A really bad drop onto a rock or something with an edge is going to ding your tank no matter what you put on it. When you are confident that you will not drop during normal riding take it off with gentle hair dryer and clean with rubbing alcohol. Foam self stick weather stripping would work too. The biggest is garage stripping. It will stop a ding but if you slide, it will shred instantly. Vinyl flooring has more likely protect during a slide.

Aftermarket. You can get crash guards or frame sliders. Some actually stick out far enough to stop the tank from reaching the ground. If the bike tips over, it should land on the guards or sliders first. You can get a set for the front of the bike and the rear of the bike so that when it tips, it will sit on the wheels and the slider/guard. Nothing can help you if you get past a certain angle, and it rotates past the slider/guard and the tires are in the air. >90 degrees.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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