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I have crossed the USA, for about 3 months, every year, from 2006 til 2018.
June July & August
I use First Gear Mesh Jacket, and Pants, and a Full Face.
Never had a problem, apart from the odd Red Light, where you cn get hot, but once on the move, the mesh allows so much air through, that you cool down, pretty quick.
I got hit by a drunk driver, back in 87, in Denmark, Scandinavia, land of the Vikings !
Unfortunately, since photobucket tried to hold us to ransome, which I refused, to pay, I lost all the pics !
Which usually speak 1000 words !
If I had been wearing a beanie thing, I would not have a Face, today !
The gouges in my full face, from chin over visor to the top o the helmet were proof positive !
Unfortunately, those pix have gone, however I beleive enough on this forum saw the pics & can agree with me.
Now, out west, they say well deer etc cross the roads at night !
Sorry, but Ive had deer & antilope run across the road, right in front of me, at 2 o clock, in the afternoon, never mind , at night !

Your Call !
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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