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While I wear a Shoei modular in the Spring, Fall and Winter, for the hot weather in the summer I wear a Bell 3/4 helmet. It has a pull down visor for use when it rains, and it also has a built in sun visor that I have occasionally used over my actual sunglasses when it is super bright outside. The 3/4 design gives pretty good protection and is a reasonable compromise when a full face is just too hot to wear. When I have been on long trips where I will only have one helmet, I wear the Shoei Neotec modular, and keep the chin bar locked in the up position when it is really hot. I know that Shoei does not recommend riding with the helmet in this position but I will take my chances.

As to a jacket, I had been searching for a mesh jacket with armor protection. I have tried many mesh jackets and some work, and some don't. Riding a Goldwing, even with Baker Wings to deflect air upon me, so much airflow is blocked by the fairing and windscreen that many mesh jackets felt like roasting pans and I was the chicken! But this year I splurged and spent $350 for the Klim Induction jacket. Not only does it truly allow a huge amount of airflow, but it is a really top quality, well made motorcycle jacket. I have never owned anything by Klim before but this jacket has made me into a big fan of their products.

A final comment. For years I lived in San Antonio, Texas, where the heat could be unbearable for months on end. Evenings would see a slight decrease in temperature, but then the masses of bugs fill the air. I found that some summers I would not ride virtually at all from about mid-June through mid-September. Living in the Midwest now, I think that my not riding in the winter months is a shorter period than when I did not ride in the Southwest due to the heat. Las Vegas is even worse. You have my sympathies. If I had to move to Vegas, I think I would consider giving up on riding.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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