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New here - just completed my CBT and theory booked for mid-September. Sorry if this is a bit of a newb question but I figured when you start out, there are no dumb questions!

After looking around and assessing my head size and shape, I ordered two Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS lids in size XS and S. I ordered the two sizes to try on and see which fit best as after measuring my head I am 54.8cm ish, which puts me right in between the sizes on the size guide (or closer to the size S).

I initially tried the size S on. Felt good, all padding felt with slight pressure around my head. It was fairly snug but not at all "tight". Mainly the cheek pads whilst resting only apply a slight pressure to my cheeks. They push them up slightly but not so much that I look like a chipmunk.

I thought I better try on the XS just to see how it feels. VERY SNUG. but since it didn't initially feel uncomfortable I thought I'd keep it on for 30-40mins and see how it feels. Conclusion was that it's too tight. I didn't get a headache and no particular pressure points noticed but had a feeling of pressure all around my head and could feel blood pumping around my scalp. Certainly wouldn't be comfortable after a few hours ride. The cheek pads were pressing on my jaw as well and I noticed a slight ringing in my ears (weird?).

Back to the size S then. However now I'm wondering if it's a little loose. I can't move my head from side to side too much but rotating up and down I can move quite considerably. Although I tried the XS on again and realised I can do this with both helmets. It seems the only things stopping pulling the helmet upwards off my head is the resistance from the padding/tightness of the helmet itself and the chin strap but even at its tightest, I can still move the helmet a good amount. Is this something you can generally do with all helmets? It's a similar motion to taking off the helmet after all?

So does it sound like I'm just between sizes? I know you can change the pads inside the helmets, but the way I understand the sizing is that the XS and S are the same shell size just with different thickness of padding (40cm vs 35cm). I considered moving the larger cheek pads to the smaller helmet but the tags on the helmet stop me from doing this as they are through the hold in one of the cheek pads. I have tried a few other helmets on (Frank Thomas, O'Neal) but all I can really say after trying them on for 5mins in a shop is that the O'Neal was too lose at some parts on my head.

I'm aware helmet fitting can be quite a personal thing but any thoughts/opinions would be much appreciated as to if I need to discard both helmets or if the size S is fine and I'm just overthinking things. Can't wait to get on a bike once I've passed my test :).

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Welcome to a great Forum!

Please comply with the following:

Helmets tend to loosen up and get roomier with time and use.

S and XS ????? 馃ぃ When I order the absolutely largest size available, they are still too small and I have to take the liners apart and use a serrated knife to trim the interior down to fit my XL+++++ Watermelon head! 馃槀

Take care!



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Hi Sam,

Sorry about that! Thank you for moving the post.
My name is James. I'm 27. I wanted to learn to ride as my Dad has been a long term rider (currently has a VFR800X Crossrunner, but previously had an Africa Twin!). I actually booked us tickets to go and see the Italian MotoGP this year, but that was cancelled due to COVID. It could be a blessing in disguise however as if I am able to learn to ride before next year perhaps we could ride there instead of flying!

Thanks for the response. I did read that helmets loosen up after use even as much as 15-20%!? So maybe the XS would be okay just with the thinner cheek pads. I'm going to try it without the cheek pads for a bit and if it's still too tight at least it will completely rule that one out!

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