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Hello ! Paint help please

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Hello !! My name is Peter & I stubbled across some of your old threads relating to painting & preserving the old things we all love.
I was searching the internet for information about DuPont Paint & some of you guys have experience with DuPont paint.

So I though I would ask for your advice about paints as I have come to the end of my search & have not heard of anyone who paints things in the old manner as they would have been painted originally . " Or as close as one can get "

I'm in the process of Restoring & Painting a 1964 Honda Dream , Originally it was paint in a lead base paint & no undercoats were used . The Colour is black Enamel.

All the paint shops tell me to paint it in DuPont modern 2 Pac finishers , But I think these Modern 2 Pac Paints look terrible on old things !!!
Many , many years ago I had a job spray painting Cars , In those days all we ever used was Acrylic & no booth was used. it was all done in the yard & then buffed. I have never sprayed 2 Pac only Acrylic .

Anyway I though I would have a crack at painting the bike in an air dry type Enamel because that's how it was originally. Apart from Honda having an booth & Oven I would think ?

I have a compressor & Guns etc ,etc & I thought I would just put up a tarp in the yard & spray it under the Tarp to try & keep the dust down. I thought I could also dampen the Ground with water to help also.

Well I went to the paint shop & they all think I'm an old fart Because I won't use the 2 pac & I can't find anybody on the planet that Has done jobs like this & used paints like DuPont Nason until I found your threads .
I live in Australia & the older type paints a disappearing off the shelves , & I was very interested in your experiences with DuPont Nason

So, If any of you have the time & can advice me on this matter & the best process of painting the bike. it would be greatly appreciated .

I would like to know ,What is your opinion about painting this old bike ? , Enamel,? / 2 pac ?/ painting the yard ?/ what paint would you recommend ??

I would very much like & appreciate your thoughts on this matter.

All the very best Peter & I like your site , very interesting !!
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The only Nason product I've used was their primer/filler. It did the job. If it were me and I wanted to go for the factory look I would go with enamal and buff it like they originally did. Sometimes the new paints make them look too "pretty" IMO but you can't beat the durability.I'm by far no pro at painting. I'm a decent backyard painter at best.
thanks , What Enamel

Thanks for your Reply,
What Enamel would you Recommend? & any advice about spaying it ?
Thank you
DuPonts enamal works pretty good. I think it's called Centari. Its been awhile since I bought paint.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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