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Hello new member

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Hey all, new member from Colorado. I'm buying an MT-07 soon, but I've found these two Kawasaki's at work and am working on getting them transferred to me as I'd love to work on some bikes. Any help identifying them?
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Greetings & Salutations!!! 馃憢

CSR1000 is similar to KZ1000. Not sure what differences were, some standard options or some such:
WELCOME ABOARD the site, and鈥

Hope to see you contribute. You get more from the site when you do.
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With a VIN off the frame,
and an engine ID Number off the engine block itself, you should be able to look up all the details and specifications for that particular machine.

(I think--- assuming older Kawasaki's have reference books and materials out there the way older Honda bikes do.)
the black bike w/red trim says its a model
305 CSR.

Here's a vintage article published in 1981 about this model Kawasaki bike.

Welcome from another Coloradoan. I'm very into the older bikes. Current inventory 1971 Kawasaki F7 175cc enduro only 581miles 1972 Yamaha RT2 360cc enduro (museum quality restoration) 1982 Suzuki GS850L mint condition and last not so vintage 2018 Kawasaki KLX250 fuel injected. The first bike in your pictures looks like early to mid 70s F8 250cc enduro 2nd pic pretty much speaks for itself. Again, welcome to the forum.
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