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Hello everybody, my name is Matthew. I am 31 years old and from the UK but currently living in Vietnam (the land of two wheeled machines!). I enjoy riding motorcycles and this part of the world is fantastic for it. For anyone thinking of doing the Ha Giang loop I would highly recommend it, but there are many great loops over here.

The selection of scooters and bikes here is somewhat limited (millions of Honda waves with most foreigners riding terrible Chonda Wins) but having had a few here I decided to buy something a little bit different. Currently I have a 1997 Daelim (engine says VT125e and the blue card says 1997 although I cant find the VIN number anywhere). It doesn't seem to be in the best shape although I have had it running previously. The mechanics here are talented but with a significant language barrier and their desire to get things done quickly (and sometimes temporarily) I've decided to try and learn to fix things myself. I've been having fun doing it and don't mind attempting the big jobs. It isn't the end of the world if the bike never runs again but it would be great if I could get it going. The situation at the moment is this.

I was fairly sure the engine was flooded so after turning the fuel off, removing the spark plug, drying it, cranking it over 20 odd times and changing the oil I tried to start it. Initially it wouldn't start but after 15 minutes or so of trying it finally ran. It ran for about 1 minute at about 2500 rpm before revving up to between 3-4000 rpm and then dying. This repeated and I tried adjusting the idle screw to bring it down. This seemed to work a bit but I think I was adjusting it whilst the engine wasn't fully warmed up which I assume is pointless. After that I tried to stop the engine dying by adjusting the choke and seemed to be able to affect the revs by opening it at varying levels however when it dropped to sub 2300rpm it died each time.

After a while it seemed harder and harder to maintain it running for any length of time with it just revving quite high and then dying within 3-4 seconds I called it a day there and went to bed. This morning I went down to find no petrol in the tank. It seems the carb is overflowing, I didn't notice this last night as it was lightly raining and the ground was wet (I also have a blocked nose). This seems odd as the carb is pretty much brand new.

My thoughts are to clean and jet the carb, and try and check the floats. It's a Bahun C100 (says keihin pb 28 on the side) if that helps.

Additionally I'm fairly sure I heard a down rattle at one point and I'm also fairly sure I heard a scraping sound. I assume this is big trouble for the engine and was wondering how feasible it is to fix. I definitely would like to try.

Sorry for the long post, hope you are all well!

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