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Hi all,

I go by Stroker Deuce. The name is a takeoff of an old Burt Reynolds movie "Stroker Ace" with a twist toward two stroke engines.

I got into motorcycles at age 14 with a 150 cc Simplex around a 1960 vintage. This had to be the worst motorcycle I ever had. I'm sure I pushed it farther than I rode it. I remember pushing it six miles one night.
I know I rebuilt that engine at least a half dozen times. A few of those rebuilds were in my bedroom of my parents house. I'm sure it would have helped had I known how to rebuild a two cycle engine or had some guidance. The frame broke just in front of the gas tank once and I literately carried the pieces to the local welding shop.

After high school, I spent four years in the Navy during the Vietnam war where I learned the electrical trade.

After the Navy came college and managing a Suzuki shop. I got a sponsored ride on a Suzuki TS250 on what is now the Blackjack Enduro circuit. The shop never generated enough business to afford a full time mechanic , so I did most of the wrenching, feeling sorry for me in my ignorance, the regional Suzuki rep taught me how to get a little more out of the old TS bikes.

Many years and many, many motorcycles later, my now Son in Law, sent me an email with a link to a Craigslist ad for a '73 green Suzuki TS250 with the question "did I know anything about them."? He knew nothing of my racing days at the time. Well, I bought it for him and wrenched on it to make it roadworthy. We tagged it for him to ride mainly on the road. He decided he really liked BMW airheads so I bought him a very special, one of one hundred, '78 BMW R100RS "Belgian Police" Bike with 23,000 original miles. He rode it a while and decided he really liked BMW RT's so I bought him one of those. He seems happy with that and I'm glad because I'm done!

I really enjoyed rescuing the TS250 for my Son in Law.

When I saw another TS250 parts bike on Craigslist for $150, I couldn't resist. It took me about an hour to get it running, so started the obsession to resurrect these old beasts that now finds me with about twenty TS bikes mostly in my garage and man cave, but some in a paid nearby storage facility.

I went through a lot of street bikes through the years, most of which were good to very good in their own way but I found lacking in some area. When I managed the Suzuki shop and had my choice of bikes to ride as my own, I chose a GS550 because I really enjoyed the handling characteristics and power to weight ration. When it came time to replace my Kawasaki 900 Vulcan Classic, I was intrigued with what I read about the Suzuki GR650 “Tempter”. After looking for over a year I found a one owner Tempter with 18,000 miles that hadn’t run in fifteen years. I bought it for $500 and after a fuel system overhaul and new battery I ride it almost every day. I love it and just bought a second Tempter that has not run in ten years,.

Managing the Suzuki shop was about the only thing I've ever done that wasn't electrically oriented. I worked for several electrical equipment manufacturers with the last 23 years of my first career spent with Rockwell Automation. I retired from Rockwell in 2007 and embarked on a journey with my wife to find the perfect retirement place. We were living in Western Oregon (Eugene) at the time which I found just too wet. We traveled the western states for eighteen months in a diesel truck with two ATV's on the back with the truck pulling a big travel trailer. Finding our dream place in south central Colorado, we went back to Oregon to sell our house and figure out how to pay for what we found. We had not planned on an acreage, but the dream came with it, so what do you do?

So, I'm driving down the road one day in western Oregon when an old friend called to tell me about a project he was on building two oil drill rigs in south Texas then commissioning them off shore Brazil. Always up for an adventure, I said "well if you need someone to carry your bags, I'm in" Little did I know this was a well planned ploy to suck me in, because they really needed an electrical guy with a wide base of experience. So I hired on as a consultant with a little boutique engineering firm out of Houston who had the contract to build these things and make them run in the Campos basin about 60 miles off Rio.

I made a deal with my wife if she would let me have this dream property where we now live, that she could hire contractors to do anything she wanted with the new house. All I wanted was a 30 by 60 garage with a man cave complete with beer frig and pool table. We both got what we wanted and are now living the dream.

Our place in south central Colorado is surrounded by public land where no one can build. We have direct access to thousands of miles of BLM, mining, and National Forest roads. We are at 8800 ft elevation so winters are hard. Restoring these old Suzuki's and snowmobiling keeps me busy during the long hard winters, but summer and fall here are amazing, so we explore these back roads on ATV's, motorcycles, and my jeep.

We welcome you to come visit if you’re ever near our little piece of heaven. We have primitive guest quarters on the hill behind the house with a view to die for. There are more places to explore, trout to catch, gold to dig, and big vistas to see, than I will ever have time to enjoy.

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Wow!! Welcome to the Forum. Thank you for your service.

It sounds like you've led a very interesting life. Does your wife also ride?
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