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Just joined the forum and wanted to say a big hello from Scotland.!!

I have been riding for at least 30 years and accumulated a few bikes but my fav is the 7r, it comes with the biggest grin factor.
I also have a couple of project bikes just starting, an XJ550 which is already on the ramp in pieces and a Bandit 600 which got struck by lightning (twice)??

Although I live in Scotland I am Lancashire born and breed, so another big hello if you hail from that neck of the woods

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So thanks for your introduction. Our regular members do like to
know they are welcoming a real person.
We are friendly site here. Well, most of us

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Gidday from a former representative of Standard Life of Edinburgh. They were the oldest federally registered life insurance company in Canada. 1833. Dopey buggers sold themselves to Manulife.
My relatives on my mothers side are from the Border Country, just South of Berrick. Near Bamburg Castle.
I am on a small Island in the Salish Sea. Originally a Londoner.
Is the 7R an early AJS. If it is, do I get bonus points for that.


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Welcome to the Forum and I hope you enjoy yourself here!

Ancestor's on my Dads side were from Scotland, Clan Mac Naughton, many years ago.

My Psychology training led me to become a Jungian, and adhere somewhat to his "collective consciousness" theory that we sentient beings are all somehow linked: Till this day, when I hear Bagpipes, I get the chills and go into battle mode, which is weird.

I would love to ride in your Country!

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