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Different bikes are good at different things. UK's riding environment doesn't sound like it lends itself to heavy bikes, for example. Down here in Alabama, though, where the roads are paved and the parking lots are large, my 740lb HD is often the smallest thing in the motorcycle parking area.

Weight by itself doesn't tell you much, IMO. My bike is heavy but the center of gravity is lower than my kneecaps, so all it really does is keep the bike planted at highway speeds. It still dives into corners with ease.

My wife's BMW is only 350lbs, less than half the weight of the HD. The seat and the center of gravity are both much higher, though. Makes the bike kind of tippy. It sucks in windy conditions. 75mph is technically possible, but no one would do it for fun. It's like being a bug on an orange that fell out of an airplane.

Of the two, the HD is easier to get out of the driveway and generally easier to ride. Tight parking lot turns are easier on the BMW. Mountain roads are easier on the HD.

At least up to a point, a bike's geometry and center of gravity influence handling far more than raw weight.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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