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Hi, I'm Trace and I'm new to this forum.

Looking for help.

Got an issue with my 2015 Ultra Limited.

The rubber sleeves on my heated grips have failed. I first noticed it when I'd try to roll on the power and nothing would happen. It seems that they've somehow become stretched out and just spin on the handle.

Now they are developing holes where the heating element can be seen.

I went to the dealer for some new rubber sleeves and they told me that my HD warranty doesn't cover normal wear and I'd have to buy the complete heated grip assembly at about $300.00 + labor.

All I need is the rubber sleeves to slip over the heating elements.

Does anyone know if these grips are manufactured directly by Harley or if they come from a supplier?

And if they're supplied, the name of the supplier would be helpful so I can contact them directly and plead my case.

Thanks in advance

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