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do they work? seems like they would be nice on long trips, which ones do you riders use, all info would be appreciated
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My wife and I bought 2 nady walky-talky looking things and when we ride seperatly the voice activated system works with the included helmet ear phone speakers and headset mic. for bike to bike communication.
When riding together, we both just plug our headsets into the same one, and we can cary on normal conversation when ever we want. It just fits right in my jacket pocket.
Google motorcycle communicators, you'll see several kinds and price ranges. Ours was around $100. each.
I just bought some Midland walkie talkies and headsets. Took them out for a very short test ride and they seem to work really well (although the cords are way too long). For a 2 person set up is cost about $120, so about $60 a person. My father in law has a set too. We're going on a 500 mile round trip this weekend, I'll give you a better report after that.
We use the InterPhone system from BlueTooth Guy on the internet. So small and light you don't even know it is on your helmet. You sync two units for bike to bike communication.

We used them for our trip from Florida to Maine this summer and loved being able to talk. The only drawback was charge time. We ride 400-600 mile days and after about 4 1/2 hours they were dead. Since we love being able to communicate we just bought two more to switch out after first set dies. A little pricey, but worth every cent.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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