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A neighbor of mine has been after me for years to sell my bike to him. Every bike he gets, he takes to a builder and has it cut, chopped, bobbed, whatever. They are nice looking bikes, but that doesn't mean I should sell my bike for his next project. Oh yeah, my bike is a 90% original 1966 Harley Shovelhead.

My Son is after me to sell him my 1981 Suzuki gs1000gl. All original with 44,000 miles, he told me he has visions of making a cafe racer out of it. I told him he could have it and do what he wanted to it....after I'm dead.

Just my opinion here, but I think too many of these old bikes are being butchered. I know that new owners want to make the bike 'theirs', but if it's original, leave it alone.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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