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Have some Questions dealing with my 1992 GSX-R 750...PLEASE HELP!!!

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I bought this bike for $800 a few weeks ago. I knew that the bike did not run, but i was told that it was just the piston rings are bad in the 3rd and 4th cylander. I need some help with what i should do!! I dropped the motor and have taken the top off...i have a book that walks me threw everything step by step. The cams look great i was told...the timing chaim is tight and all looks well. when i drained the oil it was mostly i know there is a problem with the rings. The bike has never been wrecked and overall is in good shape. I wanted to know if there was a different motor that would fit right in there or if there are any good tips someone can give me about this. There is not much information about a 1992 gsxr...was it a bad year??? why is it so hard to find parts and stuff for it??? everything goes up to a 91 then from 93 skips 1992. why??? anyone who can halp me please do...i am in great need!!!! Thank you very much!!!! You can email me at [email protected] or [email protected]

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Man, I don't know what all year motor would fit in there. Possibly a Katana motor will work. About the only way to find out what year motor will fit it right would be either call a huge Suzuki dealer or a bike salvavge yard that deals a lot in sport bikes. Bigger places may have dealt with this problem where a small place may not have.
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