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i just bought a 93 CBR600F2 used from a older guy the other day, he was the orig. owner of the bike. he explained that he has never dropped or road the bike very hard but, during hurricane ivan his home flooded about 4-5" and the bike fell over in the water (salt water) on the right side and remained there until he returned home (about 3 days). the bike looks absolutely great but, the carbs. are frozen to include the choke. it is actually the carbs. and not the cables (i have already checked them), the starter is also frozen. the guy explained that he did try to crank the bike after standing the bike up and it spinned over but did not crank. he said from that point he did nothing else to the bike but let it sit until all of the insurance issues on his home was completed. at that point he decided to sell the bike because insurance paid him off for everything that was damaged to include the bike. this unit has not been ran in about 2 years. i bought the bike as-is for $350.00 dollars. my question is did i screw myself or what? any help would be appreciated.
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