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Has anyone ridden a C109?

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Has anyone ridden a C109? Just looking for opinions.
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No, but if I had the cash there would be a M109R in the blue and white paint scheme in my garage right now.
I've not ridden one, but I know a guy that has ,...or had one. Unfortunatly, someone pulled out in front of him, and with him admiting that he liked to ride real friggin fast,,...well, he now has a brand new titanium left leg.

but I ramble,...Hey! Those are swell lookin bikes. They deffinatly have some style.
My own bike also has 109 fuel injected cubic inches, and more power than I'll ever use, thats for dang sure. MAN! That Big V-Twin Rumble! Can't beat it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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