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I typically take stuff I read in the news with a grain of salt and I really don't know what's going on with this. However, I would not be surprised.

I am from the area and my perspective is that the Harley Dealerships around here sort of take advantage of what to me seems like somewhat of a blindness to the practices of Harley in general. I know not everyone that rides is in that boat but I really think people are overly loyal and it is easy for dealerships to take advantage of that.

I don't know if it's a company thing or just dealerships but I've never been impressed with the little bit I talk with the anything having to do with Harley. I called a different local dealership in Greenfield and I was looking for parts for a Buell Blast I was looking at buying. Upside is you can get parts, the downside is that they won't work on them. And they wont even work an ANY Harley made BEFORE 2000. I don't know if that dealership is owned by the same people but I'm pretty sure the one in Greenfield is Hal's Harley and there is also one in Racine ever closer to me.

I mean... that just sounds very strange to me. Why 2000? I mean the Evo motor came out before that and the year 2000 seems very odd to have a cut off as not working on a bike. Not sure what the significance of that date is....

Can you imagine taking your car to a dealership that was from 1999 and they said, no.... too old for us to work on.... It seems bizarre to me.

Then next to that is there can be Harley riders that are so rabid they disrespect anyone that rides a different brand. I get the whole thing of wanting to support local companies and american companies. But it gets to the point that is ridiculous sometimes and pretty much doesn't make sense. Because my guess is those people that are die hard american only motorcycle people are buying things made in china for their homes and that type of stuff.... Clothes. Etc.

I really like Sportsters and I think I would like to own one, but the dealership support and attitude of some riders just really turns me off.

And one more tidbit about the Buell thing. When Buell went out of Business in 2009 Harley officially claimed their network would service Buell motorcycles. Now the ones in our area won't. So in 10 years you get the shaft if you own a Buell. I'm guessing there are other dealerships or mechanics that will work on them but it's irritating to me when a company goes back on their word like that.

It is a real shame but the dealerships around here that sell Japanese bikes don't ever seem to have the same issues. I really wish we could do better with this. I have good luck with American cars. I have bought Ford and Chevy my adult life and they are in my opinion decent cars with decent reliability. Sure, Honda and Toyota might be a bit better and last longer but I think overall Ford and Chevy are not bad at all. YMMV. But motorcycles? ......
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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