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Tesla pioneered a program for "battery swapping" at dealers and charging stations they had built in some western states. This, in theory, solves a fair bit of the range problem, however they dropped the program due to the fact that only 3 people used the option during the test period.

I read that Harley D. mandated those dealers who wanted to sell the Livewire, install a Class C (fast, high voltage) charging station at their locations, which is a drop in the bucket, but an acknowledgment of the range issue.

But the vehicles we are supposed to be discussing here are BICYCLES, with a mandated top speed less than 20 in Europe and less than 25 here in the US. Certainly not something that most of us would consider as a first choice for a touring, or even a commuting machine. For a commuter in Tokyo, or the Netherlands, or New York City, who is replacing a vehicle that is now HUMAN powered, or looking at an end to riding the subway or public bus, these vehicles probably look like perfection.

I bet the break even period to recoup purchase price, for a subway commuter in NYC is something like 3 years.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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