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GSXR 600 K4???

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Ok guys.... a friend of mine is talking about a K4 and no matter where i look i cant seem to find the difference between the GSXR 600 and the 600 K4 what am i missing???? feel free to call me blonde now

Thanks much

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You're blonde.

Usually isn't much of a difference, usually a light model change. For example, my 71 CB350 Twin is a K3, which is not much different than a K2 or K4.
yes guy i am blonde!!!! but what is the difference? what kinda changes.... :D like body wise???

Probably minor stuff, like a color change, a fat stripe instead of two skinny ones. Try your local dealer, they should have all the lurid details.
I think the k4 refers to the year of the bike (2004) and can be said with the model of the bike or not.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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