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First......if I wanted to put this in a style of bike forum, which does a standard go bike?
This has the same motor as the R, just detuned about 30hp less

Last wk I bought the bike......was going to leave it at the store for the winter, but.........

Yesterday I decided to get it over with and brought it home, left it out where wife could see it when she came home, she wasn't happy, but she's over it now

Coming home I took the long way, running mostly 4000 rpm, but at times up to 5000

Of course I took it to the ridge......over that 12.5 miles I'm normally about time 16min on my dyna

First ride on the ridge, not pushing, and keeping with my ridge rules not more than 60mph on the straights,
I was stuck behind one PU that cost me a few seconds, another that cost me a bunch(he was an ass),
but I still came in 15:30........and that wasn't pushing, every curve I felt I got a lot more

oh, its a GSX-S750Z ABS........I didn't want ABS, but he didn't have any non-ABS, they're all already sold when he got the 2020's in last yr.......Z=black muffle
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