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Fernco has these unions to fit the common iron pipe sizes. The sizes most likely to be of interest to us are
1" nominal 1.315" OD
1-1/4 1.660
1-1/2 1.90

I think they also make a couple of adaptor unions which convert from one pipe size to another. It's a good quality rubber, and could probably be stretched quite a bit before splitting. If I wanted to do that, I'd boil the fitting in a pot of water, then jam it over a mandrel and let it cool to stretch it. Liquid dish detergent makes a good lubricant for this kind of fun. A heat gun might also work some magic, but if you get too hot, it will melt into goo.

One can also create makeshift boots out of radiator hose, or other rubber hose. I suppose duck tape could get you down the road in a pinch.
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