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BMW 1200GS adventure or KTM 990 adventure?

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GS or KTM 990 adventure??

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Hi everyone

Im new to the forums and my first language is afrikaans so sorry if something doesn't make sense!Over the years the 1200gs was by far the best on/offroad bike but now KTM came up with this 990 adventure and it looks stunning! It won the dakar and surely that must mean something! The only thing I dont like about it is the chain drive were the GS has the shaft...what are your opnions? I am looking for a bike that will last me a lifetime and I am going to use it for about 30%offroad and 70%touring. I've also posted n poll where you can choose which one you like most!
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Kawasaki KLR 650. Been around 20 years lots of parts and aftermarket support and less than half the price. Easy choice!
OK I have a 1200GS so I'm sold to it. But being realistic, if you're going to do 70% touring, the GS is the best choice. The seating position, handlesbar and wind protection are imperial. I mounted the windshield of the GS Adventure before touring across France, Belgium and the Alps. Couldn't dream of a better bike.
Thanks for your opinions! You've convinced me to switch to the smaller 650 class! Is the KLR head and shoulders obove the rest or can the Transalp,Vstorm and GS650 compare with it?
Note that BMW has just presented the new F650GS, which is now based on the new vertical bicylinder. Looks like a great bike that comes in two flavors. The F650GS more oriented towrds a road usage and the F800GS that seems to be more oriented towards a dual usage.

Anyways, with all the new models beings shown at Milano, you should do a round up of what's available before making any choice. The good thing also is that with the arrival of those new models, the "old" F650GS can now be found new at good prices.

The VStrom has not been renewed are remains a great bike but somehow aging a little bit now.

The new Transalp does not exactly looks as interesting as it used to be. Maybe it's because it's becoming so look alike as the other Versys and sisters.

Happy hunting, it's always a great moment that the one when you go for a new bike... whatever the bike. What counts is the pleasure you get from it!
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yes it's true
the new bmw F800GS looks perfect!
I own a transalp myself and can recomend this bike if you are a relaxed driver. If you want thrills... look somewhere else.
Also I tried the ktm 990 once. She looks very big and macho, but it's super easy, confortable and all around a friendly kind of bike. To me it is perfect, only the price....
oh, and FlyRide is right, the new transalp is getting a bit silly. No offroad in her any more. Just check the exhaust in front of the rear wheel... it will be smashed at the first attempt to climb anything...
The old one ( I have a 95 model ) is super confortable, super reliable ( I made more than 100.000 km by now, with almost zero problems) is good for the narrow citys we have here in Europe, is good for travelling, and can go off road with ease. For a more sporty ride.... the suspentions are dangerous, the frame moves too much, the motor is a bit slow at going up the revs, and the front brake is weak (the 95 model only has one disc).

Anyway, if you have the money and the experience, buy the ktm. It's a GREAT bike!
Yes, a KLR is a good bike for the money but it is has its limitations. One is that as a one cylinder and vibrates like a big dog. Secondly it only has a five speed transmission. You get on a road and want to open it up the RMP's you are running at wear you down. Got rid of my KLR because I just dod not like riding it. I had a chance to ride an 850 BMW and a 1200 GS BMW and it is not even a close call. The BMW is worth two to three KLR's IMHO. It is one thing to get from point A to point B which the KLR will do. However, it is quite another to make the journey with a big ass smile on your face driving a real performance machine. If it is worth doing - do it right.
If you're doing more touring than offroading, definitely go with the BMW. The KTM 990 Adventure has a small fuel tank and is a bit short-legged compared to other bikes of similar size.
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