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Greetings from Memphis

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So I am a 29 year old greenhorn on a bike, I just recently (against everyone’s good advice) bought a brand new 2018 Honda CB650F, omg shoot me. So without having any experience I’m jumping on in deep water. Now here is where I actually took everyone’s good advice, I just paid the big whopping premium of 300$, bam wham thank you ma’am, for a MSC at Harley Davidson, they’re gonna hate me, I don’t even own a sticker, I hear it now, “naked bike loser”...anyways, I am scheduled to start on the 13th, so I’m fully stoked! Now I have taken the bike out on the road near our house which has little traffic and I’ve somehow managed 23 miles on the bike, it was all a blur I tell you! Anyway, I’m realizing how much skill riding really takes and it’s mind boggling but that makes me appreciate it that much more. So this is my introduction into motorcycles and it’s sitting heavy on my mind, can’t think of anything else and I love it sooo much! I feel like a baby trying to ride though, I’m so awkward on the thing. There is nothing smooth about my riding, it’s a bit sad cause I’m pretty good at most things. As soon as I take it on the road I want to take it right back to the garage and as soon as I have the gear off I’m wanting to get right back on the road. What a conflict of interest!!!

Anyways, I’m joining for some bike talk and hopefully pick up tips tricks and wisdom!

Thanks for reading guys!
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WELCOME, and...

Other members do like to know they are welcoming a real person so thanks
for letting us know a little about yourself.:smile: And I believe you have to make 15
posts before you can post pictures unless you use Tapatalk which
somehow gets around that restriction.#welcome

We are friendly here. Well, some of us:grin:

By the way, the guys at my Harley dealer don't care what you ride.
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Thanks for the welcome! Currently trying to figure out how to navigate the website! I’ll post a pic of my bike once I hit the 15 mark then! Yeah, I told the guy at Harley I got a Honda and he seemed disappointed but only because he’s a salesman and it’s his job to sell Harley’s lol.
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Welcome to the forum. Nothing wrong with a naked bike, I've got both and each has its points. The more you ride, the smoother you'll get. Everyone has to learn.
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Thanks! I would like to have a cruiser as well one day but they didn’t have one that really caught my eye! One day though...
Welcome to the forum, lot of bike for a beginner. First thing you need to learn is to control your right wrist. You did step right off into the deep end.
Gidday from a small Island in the Salish Sea.
I am pretty sure I was 29 once.

Thanks guys! And yes I agree, Critter, it is a lot of bike. I’m really trying to gain some confidence on it but at the same time be safe as possible. So far I have managed being safe so I’ll take that as a win. I’m so scared of taking a curve wrong and I feel really pathetic when I have to make a U turn, I really can’t wait for those MSCs. I wish I had started 28 years ago.
Thanks guys! And yes I agree, Critter, it is a lot of bike. I’m really trying to gain some confidence on it but at the same time be safe as possible. So far I have managed being safe so I’ll take that as a win. I’m so scared of taking a curve wrong and I feel really pathetic when I have to make a U turn, I really can’t wait for those MSCs. I wish I had started 28 years ago.
You aren't alone there. That's a club with a lot of members. I'm just another one. Your biggest problem with that bike is the what if's, in panic mode. There are a bunch of videos on YouTube showing what happens when you panic and pen the throttle. That one concern is why lower powered bikes are suggested for newbies. If you have enough space to think through a panic situation, without hit something, you'll be okay. But that's the main reason lowered powered bikes are suggested. You just won't get hurt or cause as much damage. But we are all rooting for you. It can be done and has been done. Hopefully you won't be another that scared themselves so badly that they stopped all together. That happens too.

So good luck.
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Just like your Dad said when you reached puberty: "Control your right hand Son!":smile_big:

Great first post and welcome to the forum.

Find some deserted rural roads and practice. Slow riding and slow speed turning not only requires an intelligent right hand but a smart 'clutch' hand also, to keep the bike from stalling causing a slow speed 'tip over!'

Brake with both front and rear in a gentle and controlled way.

Enter and exit corners with caution!

Have fun and be careful:smile_big:

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Thanks guys! Yes, I have a terribly long way to go. I just got my insurance and tags for the bike so I took it out today, I rode maybe a mile or two. I stalled again! How embarrassing, lol, I’m learning something new every time I get on the bike and I’m learning that I’m just not ready to go anywhere on it yet. It’s unfortunate because I really would like this to become my main transportation but I don’t think that’s gonna happen any time soon. I need a lot more experience just to consider even driving it to the gas station. Guess I’ll be getting a gas container and bringing gas, how sad.
It takes saddle time to get comfortable on a bike in traffic. When you are in a car and have other cars around you it's no big deal. But be in that exact same place and you on a bike and it's very unnerving. You get the feeling of being exposed. But with time and many many miles of travel, you will finally get somewhat used to being just a few feet away from a 2 ton weapon pointed at you. Or as used to it as you'll ever get.
Motorcycling is so strange, I just had this epiphany that as motorcyclists we’re all freaks of nature. I could easily get up, jump into my car and go to the gas station that is located only 3.1 miles away from my house...and do it in comfort. However I’m really struggling to just get on my bike and do it in 90 degree weather and riding gear on two wheels and that makes me nervous as hell but I want to do it. The psychology of bikers...I really struggle with the fact that I’ve never seen a guy on a bike that wasn’t confidently shifting gears, riding into the sunset, perfect breeze through his beard, catching that perfect lean and never missing a beat. I’ve never even seen a guy like me struggle mentally and physically to get on the bike then have that perfect take off from a dead stop. It really boggles my mind. Maybe I need to watch some noob YouTube videos to put my mind at ease lol. Bikes should inspire confidence but I feel like such a dork haha
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Then you obviously didn't read my post on how I started out. Check out the following link. It's the PG rated version. There was a lot of cussing when it all went down in the real version.

My first bike/rides
Haha, that’s a good read! Im going to take mine down the street today when it cools off a bit, maybe even down to the gas station if I’m feeling really ballsy, lol. I’m really itching to get the MSC under my belt. I really think that is gonna do wonders for my confidence at slow speeds. I really need some experience but honestly, I’m still new to the area I’m living in and that is another huge reason for my doubts of taking her out and the area is much more populated than the area I’m used to. I know there are tons of good country roads south of here but I don’t wanna hit any bad ones so I’m sketchy about getting out, lol.
Hey! How did the MSC go? I live in Memphis too. A little closer to Olive Branch, MS but if you would like to hit some roads together that would be cool. I took the MSF course at STCC with zero riding experience and passed with no problem. I totally agree that the city is heavily populated and the streets are often congested. Which is one of the reasons why I chose to go small for my first bike (very small). I’ve been riding my Ninja 300 for almost 2 years now. Not exactly a speed demon of a machine but it gets me around quickly. It would be awesome to have another new rider to ride around with.
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Yes, GreyRider, please do share! The MSF coaches around here, in Northern Alabama, are really great people. They would never look down on a Honda or a "naked bike" or anything like that. The coaches in Memphis should have been just as great.

Also, I think your choice of a brand new 650cc standard style Honda was smart. It is a good looking bike that makes you want to ride, it is light and easy to control, it is a quality brand with great reliability and no gremlins or surprises. It also has enough power and versatility to allow you to grow into its capabilities and discover what kind of riding makes you happy. It was a great choice!
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