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Sup, my name is Mitch. I just got my endorsement as well as first bike in October for my 28th birthday. I Ride a brand spanking new Honda Shadow Aero 750 and love the hell out of it. I've already began customizing and styling her to my generic tastes.

Here she is when I brought her home from a 2 hour drive from portland to my home town in Astoria.

And Here is some (though not all) of the work i've already put into her to make her mine.


I got other stuff oh her not pictured like How I Took off the Shadow logo and replaced them with chrome 3d skull flame decals, added more decals to the side of the fenders and forks, skull matching exhaust heat shields. Mostly just simple mods with some taking more modification than others like the bullet style fairing.

I'm still working on attaching my Rear luggage rack and I got some electronics to finish up like my Bluetooth Skeleton hand speakers, skull tail light, and my chrome skull headlight that cost a pretty penny, as well my underglow kit.

My bikes not the fastest but I'm modding her more for style and luxury than speed, most are probably wondering at this point why I don't just get a touring bike but to be honest I just love the look and feel of cruisers, and touring bikes are just to bulky for me and I feel weird riding a loaded dressers, they just don't look or feel like a bike to me but to each their own, I just want a cool ride with come style and convenience.


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oh your a mod? tell me any chance is there an App for this forum?
Tapatalk is the only one I'm aware of. There was another years ago but don't know what happened to it and I don't even remember what it was called. Anyone using something other than Tapatalk? I'd been very surprised but would love something other than Tapatalk.
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