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Great tire and exhaust prices

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I just found this site and the prices and service kick ass!
Check em out at dot com
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Sure are getting a lot of advertisements on this forum lately. :confused:
Sheesh! And to think--I was holding back from hawking MY company!

Some people have NO shame!:p
Well Cecil, I'll help you out by asking - WHAT IS YOUR COMPANY??? Now, you've gotten me curious.
Don't know what's getting into CB750. I mean this site was so good the guy just found it and already knows the service kicks ass...Usually can't decide that until you've gotten something wrong and try to send it back.
I don't know about you guys, but if I'm tired and exhausted, I don't want anyone kicking my ass. :rolleyes:
I work for Motosport, Inc. It's a dealership in Hillsboro, Oregon, and a parts/apparel/accessories outlet online and on the phone.

There...I've been ASKED to provide my company, I did not SPAM THE THREAD with unsolicited information. Can I stay?:confused:
Cecil, now that you've revealed where you work, I'll bet you get inundated with email concerning availability of items! :) But, I was curious, and thank you for answering me. I sure don't think there's anything wrong with knowing it. After all, you aren't hawking your wares on this forum!
I was sort of being a smart-alec, but know that there have been some boards where an over-sensitive moderator tossed folks off for doing less.

I try NOT to cross lines that get me in too much trouble.
No problem on my end :D You were asked you didn't like put it in every post you make so you're cool in my book. Pm me the website addy.
For those interested:

There are three sections to the site, covering dirt/atv, hyperbike, and Harley (some support for cruiser...working on that and the touring segment).
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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