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Great footage of someone having a high side crash

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As a new rider, I want to make sure this never happens, and this video footage of this crash is much better than I thought I would ever find. if you're on an actual computer you can move 1 frame at a time using the . and , buttons. You can see he locked the back wheel and then the bike goes down and he keeps on going.
Monster Highside into Guardrail !!!
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When I was racing bicycles decades ago and more recently moto on track, people who were next to me on course, would come over after race and ask, "Did you see that crash? I got stuck behind it!!!"... and I would be puzzled and reply, "huh??? what crash???".

Upon reviewing video, there WAS a crash. I just saw iffy moves ahead and looked for ways around it immediately. By time riders ahead of me collided or crashed, I'd already be on different path. Most I'd see is something abnormal like someone locking up tyres or hooking elbows, but I'd never see them hit ground. :)
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I wonder if dry clutch is toast from all that gravel?
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