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I'm trying to figure out this target fixation thing, is the idea that you almost subconciously control the bike and you'll inevitably go where you are fixating? That's kinda scary but makes sense. like someone with not enough confidence riding is gonna focus on the hazard and not the road and wind up riding right toward the hazard instead of where they wanted to go?

I had a mild case of target fixation this summer making a gentle sweeping left turn into my neighborhood--- I'm talking about a 45° angle not a 90° angle.

But when you enter this turn, for a second or two you're riding straight at a telephone pole!
As you continue turning you pass the telephone pole and miss it by a dozen feet.

Well I kept looking at the telephone pole and (therefore?) the bike wasn't turning anywhere near as quickly as I needed it to.
Fortunately I was going under the posted speed limit entering the curve, so I applied some brakes. And then, having slowed down some more, I had the confidence to look away from the pool, look towards the center line of the new road I was turning into, really push on that left handlebar grip, and turn my head and shoulders left, to sweep through that curve while still staying on the paved road.

I think that if I had merely glanced at the telephone pole and acknowledged its existence in that spot, and then immediately turned my head and shoulders left as I began my left turn/left curve, there wouldn't have been any near-trouble.
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