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Yeah, and it's not a new or inexperienced rider thing. Any level of training starts with the eyes. In the parking lot if you try to do a figure 8 or tight circle looking in front of you, you will struggle. If you look well into the circle you can do it much easier.

Decades of self taught riding before my first motorcycle course makes this still a hard habit to break for me. It's not natural even though it works naturally when you do it right.

Last year I did level 2 of California Superbike School and the whole day was spent on the eyes. Very helpful stuff. They say a human's eyes are made for hand to hand combat. A cat's eyes are made for motorcycling. We have to manage where we look to compensate. I try to practice this every time I ride.

Even so, I still can painfully remember times I've got distracted and target fixated. Fortunately all those are mental pains as I avoided the accidents, but some of these were with my wife on the back and I would never forgive myself for hurting her.

I remember doing Moki Dugway on our Goldwing in Utah and lost the battle with my nerves and started tensing up. I looked away from the steep drop-off and focused on the inside which was a gulley and I suddenly found myself an inch away from the gulley and almost dumped us.
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