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I ride a 83 GPz 750 and My rear tire barely passed inspection this year. the bike takes a 130/80-18 but that size is not very popular. I have found some 120/90-18 that are a little narrower but close in height. that size is popular enough that i have alot of options. I don't have a lot of money but I am willing to spend about $100 for a tire that rides well and wears well. i see the Pirelli mt66 is recommended in several places. I do more highway riding than anything but i like to go out to the mountains occasionally as well.
Any info on these tires or other recommendations would be appreciated. also if anyone has had problems with changing tire sizes that info would be helpful as well.
Most of my experience has been with the inexpensive( chen shin) tires and I have actually done well with them in the past but this bike has a lot of torque so i wanted something that is safe, reliable and can grip well.
Thanks in advance
oh ya i seem to get caught in the rain several times each season too so wet grip is helpful..haha
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