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Gotta have it now!

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Last week a guy parked his Honda Shadow near where I was standing. I decided then and there I was going to buy a bike. Back in the day I had a Triumph 650. I'm now 57 and wondering what type of cruiser to buy. Me two choices are a Honda Shadow 750 or a Kawasaki Vulcan 900. But I'm open to others, as I haven't been on a ride in years.
A friend of a friend has a 95 Kawasaki Vulcan 500 with only 23,000 miles on it. He'll sell it for $800 and it's in great condition. It seems a little small for my taste, that's why I'm hoping for some great advice here. Again, the Kawasaki and Honda I mentioned above seem like winners. Will I want a bigger ride shortly after I buy the 500? I know we all have individual tastes, but your expert advice would be helpful!
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I just bought a Suzuki C90T, but I talked to a lady a few weeks ago that had ridden the Vulcan from south Texas to northern Arkansas. She loved it. I thought about buying one of them myself, but the Suzi was less expensive, and this is my 3rd one. So, I stuck with Suzuki.
Impulse thing

It sounds like even you recognize this is an impulse thing.

I think if you are trying to keep within the general price range of the 500 you cited, then I would choose the Kawasaki until you are sure you really want to get back into MCing, have a reasonable confidence that the 'friends' bike is what he says it is. (remind him you know where he lives!)

If you decide that you want to stick with MCing you can upgrade without much of a financial hit on the 500 Kawasaki.

On the other hand if your buying budget is not a concern, I'd definitely suggest a newer Honda Shadow series or Yahama MC. Before I could suggest or recommend a specific MC or Model I'd have to know about how you intend to ride it and your physical atributtes.

Ride safe & long,
Colorado Fats
Hey Barry, you can sure tell who rides what between Colorado and me, huh!

Seriously, I believe in getting the most I can absolutely afford, even if I have to scrunch up a little to pay for it. (I've never understood friends who trade their cars off every two years. In that time, they've worked the warranty items out of them, and they're better than new cars.) If I were you, I'd ignore price, if you can, and get the bike that fits you best. In one of Colorado's raves, er, I mean, posts (he's a friend, I can tease him!), if you're not comfortable on the bike, price doesn't matter. You won't like it.

I think you'd like the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 better
I've been riding a Kawasaki Vulcan 800a for several years. It's a great bike. My wife has an 05 Vulcan 500, and it is plenty peppy. The only problem I have with it is I'm 6'2" tall and it is a little short for me, but for the purpose your talking about this sounds like maybe your best bet.
Find a bike that you like and if you can ride it first to see if that is what you want. Do not buy on impulse you might regret it later. Good luck finding the right bike.
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