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This is great JDog - thanks for posting it on You Tube. My old stomping grounds for sure: Hwy 33 to 166 to Taft, or 33 to Lockwood Valley Road over to and through Pine Mountain, etc.. :D

Just wondering IF you ever make it over to: take Hwy 154 San Marcos Pass out of Santa Barbara - just before you hit Hwy 101 you'll have Foxen Canyon Road come up - make a right on what I'm saying is the greatest MC back road ever! 40-50 miles of wilderness in the Santa Maria mountains. Besides of course Mule Deer I’ve seen Bobcats and Wild Turkeys on this road – plus a dog gone Cougar! A nice paved road all the way, admittedly only just a little wider then a single lane – high speed not recommended.

Anyways IF you guys ever make that run, please – PLEASE post a Video of it! It’s been 18 years now since I’ve ridden it – miss it a lot! Happier days to be sure…

LRG :cool:

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Yep been all over those roads..And them some. Once in a while you might see a deer, And i just saw my first wild Turkey this summer. Cant say that i have seen any Cats.

I have many films on you tube. With all the local areas. Just go to youtube search jdog109socal, they all should come up. Over 140 of them now..


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