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After buying the Harley, I started looking for retro helmets because most of my helmets are modern looking full faced or modulars. I wanted something that would match the 70's styling of the Super Glide Custom. I was mostly looking for 3/4 helmets, but I also ran across some full faced retro helmets. Bell Makes a full face retro helmet called the Bullitt helmet. Its apparently pretty popular among the retro rider crowd. They also make a line of 3/4 retro low profile helmets called Bell Custom 500. Low profile so they dont give you that bobble head look. Bell helmets are available globally, so they are DOT & ECE. As a matter of fact, I had to order the Check It Helmet from a vendor in the UK, limited production and sold out here. I have two that I purchased specifically for when I'm riding the Harley, The Custom 500 Check-It and the Custom 500 Rally. I use goggles with these helmets for that 70's look (and of course for eye protection).

A company called Torc also makes a retro full faced helmet called the T-1, and Ness makes a 70's style full face helmet called the XG100 Racer Grandwin. Both have good reviews and both are DOT & ECE rated. Both are also availabe in several colors. AVG also makes a full faced retro helmet available in several colors, its more 60's styling. I dont remember the rating on this one. All three were similarly priced at around $259 to $269 US.

The two Bell retro helmets that I went with.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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