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Good Beginner Bike(s)

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Hello. I am 17 years old and currently not a bike owner or rider. In fact, I don't even have my drivers liscense yet. But, my friend has his and his Motorcyclers liscense and drives his Dads street bike some. It has made me want to get one when I come of the age. So, while I have the time, I thought I would research and see what all I need to know about motorcycles before I even THINK about getting one. My Father used to have a motorcylce when he was younger and took part in many Biker Weeks in NC, VA, WVA, and MD.

So, if there is anything out there that you guys could aid me in and help me gain knowledge of a bike for the future, it would be greatly appriciated.
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Good beginner sport bikes for a younger guy that the insurance won't kill ya........ Kawasaki EX500 (same thing as a Ninja 500 just older), Ninja 500, Ninja 250, Suzuki GS500, Yamaha Seca 2, Honda Nighthawk or the older Interceptor 500 if you can find one. I have a 2007 Ninja 500 and I been ridin' since i was 14, I'm 34 now, I don't see me gettin' bored with it. The insurance on it for me is reasonable. Insurance for you is gonna be high anyways but with a full on sportbike (such as a GSXR or CBR) it will be insane.
Thanks for your help. Insurance shouldn't be too bad. I plan to get one in the next year or two. And I was just wondering on what to get for then. Like I said, for the next year or two, I will have time to research them and see what's out there. Until then, I might pay half and my cousin pay half for my friends (same guy I mentioned in my first post) Yamaha TTR 225 Dirt bike just to get the feel of a bike with a good bit of power off roads.
Most sportbikes arent really good for a beginner. Normally Id suggest starting on a small displacement cruiser, but if you must have a sportbike Id say a Ninja 250 would be a good one to start on.
Just dont start out on a 600 sportbike. That a recipie for disaster, IMO.
If you're into cruiser type bikes, the Honda Rebel or Suzuki GZ 250 (really a "mini Marauder") are great learner bikes. I started out with a Harley 1200 :eek: .....could not learn on it and sold it. Then, got a Shadow 750. Too heavy to build my confidence. Then, bought a GZ 250, and I have been riding the heck out of it every chance I get! :D Just goes to show i could have been enjoying the sport of motorcycling years ago, IF I had started out with the right bike for ME!

Hey guys, I'm beginner too, but I'm getting 1992 Suzuki GSX-600F tomorrow. I've just learned basics on ride rite courses ... You guys are all saying that it's not a good idea to start with 600cc ... So I'm thinking ... since I really can't change my mind, the bike will be delivered tomorrow, would you have any advice for me how to servive on 600cc :)
Thank you.
You'll be ok on a 600 just realize you have to be mature about it.
Depending on how tall you are, the Ninja 250 is a great starter bike, but if your a bigger dude, then possibly the EX500 is for you. Best thing to do is take a training course to get your license, and you learn alot, ride someone else bike, if you dump it...oops! Its not yours so you dont have to pay for it! :) But seriously take a riders course will test your skills as whether or not you should throw a leg over a bike. Good luck! Let us know what you get for your first bike!

Damn :) I was JUST out there looking at Suzuki Katana - 1992 600cc, and let me tell ya I WAS terrified.
I did take riding courses on dirt street legal bike and then on Suzuki cruise 250 bike. I had NO problems what so ever with the bikes like that, if fact I passed the driving test with flying colors ... but DAMN I was scared of Suzuki Katana - 1992 600cc ... I couldn't even emagine that slight spin on the throttle of 600cc would give like 600 horses under you going WILD :)
Well, even though I was a little scared to start my riding exp with that bike, it wasn't the only factor. The guy wanted $1500,00 for the bike that was in HORRIBLE condition ... I looked like a few 100 trucks droved all over ... The odometer was smashed, like it was never there .... all the plastic was taped with duck tape ... Boy, was I surprized seeing the bike ... I donno what kinda person u gotta be to treak a bike like THAT ...
So I came back home and called that other guy I've had from recycler.
Not only I was terrified with 600cc and the SIZE of that thing ... DAMN it's like 600 horses under you sqeezed into a little pony roaing like it's gone CRAZY :)
The guy has 1992 Ninja 250cc SOOOO totally sweet looking and loved by the owner. He's to deliver the bike tonight to my place and it's $200 cheaper the the one that I've seen today.
I'll keep you posted guys on what will I end up with.
For all the boobs :) DO NOT even looks at 600cc if you just staring ... it will blow all you away ...
THANK you guys for all the advises ... I'll need MUCH more tomorrow :p
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So you got the Ninja 250 instead of the Katana? You'll like it. Post a pic of it after you get the 15 posts or let me know.
:cool: Yea I totally like it, I've got a few questions though ... It rides perfect on lower speeds like 45-50 on the street is totally sweet, but once on highway going 65+ on 6th gear the engine sounds very loud ... I don't really know anything about bikes yet, maybe it should be that way :)
Also the part right by the rear break (I donno what is it oil or clutch or engine, it gets sooooo hott ... like after 20 mins I couldn't hold my arm on in for a split second ... Again, I donno maybe it should be this way ...

K guys, let me know what you think :cool:
I would have to see what you're tryin' to hold your arm against but the engine does get real hot after awhile. Those bikes do rev kinda high at 65mph and are kind of loud, my 500 is the same way so I would say it's alright.

Here is a site you might want to look at.
Are you Kidding about the Katana? The 600 katana is a very good learning bike and much better than a 250 because you won't out grow it as fast. I think what the earlier post said about stay away from a 600 meant was stay away from the race replicas. You can even start on a suzuki sv 650( wimpy V twin with like 80 horsies I think). Just stay away from Gsxr, Cbr, R1, or R6, or Zx R. The bikes with the R in it are racing bikes and all have over 105 horsies in 600 and over 150 in 1k cc.
Ya gotta be comfortable with what your going to learn on. It won't do a bit of good if the learner is unconfortable with the bike.
Yea it was engine :) and I was told that it suppose to get a little hot :)
The bike is totally cool :) No problems what so ever. the only thing is in the morning it only starts on choke and i live in LA ... not like engine is very cold or anything, but still. The guy who sold it to me said has carburetor, so it's normal ... Other then that it's in perfect riding condition.
I don't remember what Katana it was :) but I definitely wasn't comfortable with that :p Not only it was in horrbile cosmetic condition, the throttle was so sensable, I wasn't sure I had good enough throttle control to learn on that bike. Ninja is so much easier and so much of fun to learn :)
I use the choke on my Ninja also when it's cool out so don't worry about that. If you already rode it awhile and needed the choke to start it then I'd be concerned.
well yeah, there seems to be some kinda problem with the bike. Well, I don't really know anything about bikes, but I'll try to discribe ...
Like, in the morning when the engine is cold it starts only on choke and only if I open throttle on 1/4 or more ... then when the engine worms up a little it seems to be fine, but still it does not start from the first time like ever ... It does start sooner or later, sometimes it takes me like 3 or 4 times, but it does and then engine is kinda dying ... if I don't use the throttle to hold the engine running some times it will just shut off complitely.
I know I need to get new tired for it, 'cause they can't hold air for longer then a week or so ... but I know how to fix that ... What I dont know is what to do with ignition ... if that's what causes the problem ...
So if anyone has an idea where to start pls let me know.
thank you.
Couple of things, don't ever use fix-a-flat in a motorcycle tire, just incase you are tempeted to use it until you get new tires.

When some motorcycle engines are cold they don't run all that well. Most are set up from new to be real lean (meaning running on very little fuel to the point it's almost not enough) and you need to choke it and let it warm up to run right. You may need to bump the idle up some on it though if it keeps shutting off. It should idle around 1300 rpm hot. Your bike is about at the age where it may need the carbs adjusted and/or cleaned. Might want to have it tuned up also. My Ninja 500 is the same way but after warming up for a minute it's fine.
If you've never driven anything with a carburetor, then it would seem a little odd, but that's the way things warm up when you don't have computerized fuel injection. Cars used to be that way also. Anyone else out there that's used a comb to hold open the carb on a flooded Chevy small block?
Anyone else out there that's used a comb to hold open the carb on a flooded Chevy small block?
Cant say I ever used a comb, a clothes pin once or serveral times though.
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