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Warren & I are gonna alternate truck/Silverwing to transport my Silverwing down to sunny Phoenix.

I need it to get around the 55+ community I live in, aka "The Wrinkle Ranch"

Gonna be a LONG, COLD ride.

Thinking of riding it to Farmington NM today, leaving around 1pm when it's warmest, and leaving it there at a friendly business for a few days, till I'm ready to leave, then have Warren drop me in F-town in the truck on our way out of town. Staging it, so I can leave Farmington at NOON the day after, and ride in the warmest time of the day to get to Holbrook.

Why not just trailer it or put it in the back of the truck?

Because we RIDE motorcycles, we don't TOW them!

We're up here getting Warren's new food truck up and running! Who's familiar with Chrysler 440 wedge motors, (tapered plugs)... gonna have to put a new Edelbrock carb on to replace the aging ThermoQuad, fix leaking freeze plugs, diagnose major oil burning...
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