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I've narrowed it down to these two bikes and I think I'll go with the wr250r.

I'm 6' 230lbs & 51 years old. I've ridden 3 bikes: an old Honda 500, a Vulcan 750 and a KLR 650.

I'm looking for the bike to do two things occasionally. 1. On my days off I'd like to take it off road on some public trails. Mainly to putt around on them to stay somewhat active. To get to these trails I might have to ride the interstate for at most an hour. 2. Commute to work. 35 minutes secondary country roads. Speed limit varies from 30mph to 60ish mph.

I've been doing a lot of searching on this forum and others and this is what I gather:
WR250R Positives: fuel injection (as long as there is no emp attack), 6 speeds, refined, better able to handle extra power for GPS and heated grips, soft suspension, for a 250 it has good power but not as much as the 400, reliable, longer service intervals for some things, good for tight trails.

DZR400 Positives: more torque for power down low, more Horse power for highway rides, carb will survive an emp attack, might be able to load down with more equipment if I decide to go camping.

So I've stated that I've ridden a klr650. The KLR is big and heavy relatively speaking. I rode it from SC to Plattsburgh NY and back about 6 times and it did the job very well. However, the KLR is not a decent bike when it comes to off road. I'm looking for something smaller and more nimble. I've searched the klx but most say it lacks power compared to the two bikes above.

So did I leave anything out? Any pointers or suggestions? These twords are about the max I want to spend on a bike.
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