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I am in the process of refurbishing/restoring an 84 Interstate. The old fuel tank was a rusted mess with a pet**** on the side of the tank and no way to drain the fuel from the tank completely.

I have obtained a new fuel tank that came off of an 86 Aspencade. The new and old tanks are the same size but have some differences that I need to resolve.

The new tank does not have a place for a pet**** and the fuel line comes out of the front of the tank. Also, on the bottom of the new tank, there is a connection for a gas line to drain the tank if needed. I need info from anyone familiar with this new tank configuration to assist me to set it up for the tank drain and fuel line connection. All schematics for 84-86 Goldwings that I have seen show the fuel tank setup like my original with a pet****.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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