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Getting the petc0ck on my honda shadow 750....

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my bike is a 98 honda shadow. I'm trying to replace the petc0ck and I need to get the seat off and then the gas tank- the only problem is I cant figure out how to dismount the darn thing. Anyone have this similar bike that could give me a hand? Appreciate it...
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I HAVE A 02 shadow 600 so i dont know if it is the same. but i will tell you how mine comes off. my seat has 2 10mm bolts one on each side of the seat. they are located right behind the driver seat slightly under it. you will need a 6" extention to keep from scuffing the rear fender. the fuel tank on mine just has one 12mm bolt right infront of the seat, then slide it back to get it off the rubber groments on the front under the tank. the seat also slides back once unbolted. like i said thats how mine comes apart. maybe yours is the same or atleast it gives you an idea.
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