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:)I know this sound funny, but when I was a young noob biker on a CT90 K6 honda trail bike, they made a law that said you had to get a lisence, this was first because I lived on an island, and second there were only 48 miles of road. They had never had licenses for bikes.

Now I have ridden all my life, and now after all this time, I go to the licenseing to get my beginners permit to learn to ride again.

When I get there, this woman tells me I have to take a special course, from a special organization, set up to do this testing, and that the cost of the course is going to be 165.(my bike doesn't go that fast)

She tells me as she fumbles the small booklet of rules, telling me about priviledges and things, that I will have to call the number given, and that they allow me to take a test and get a beginners permit to learn to ride again.

So I whip out the flip phone and dial the number.

Hello (names changed to reflect anonimity) this is Stevey.
me:Hi I need to get a beginners permit to learn to ride again.
We have courses available in both Vancouver and Olympia.
All I want is a permit to learn to ride again.
You have to take the course.
STEVEY: The course takes 3 days and costs 165, which is conducted in Lacey.
Me: well that is going to cost me 40 a day for gas to get there.
If you want a license you have to take the course.(pass I mean)
How about my written, is there a place I can take my written for the permit around here?
Yes on the 20th, at 6pm at the Yamaha shop.
OK sign me up,(now about this time a cop pulls up in the parking lot next door.)
STEVEY: Do you want to take care of this now?
I don't use credit cards.
well I can't do that.

well anyway he tells me that I can show up, with 40 and if there are openings, they will let me in.

Now I know that if I go to the right cop, say the one in the parking lot next door, that I could probably get a complete license legally done for less than 40.

So if I call him on the 19th, he will be able to tell me that there might be an opening to take a test.

I think this is why I would rather buy a license from a cop in the first place....

What this means is that the cops can't do licensing anymore. Some one in a higher place has put the kabash on it!

So don't license yourself.
"I hope you can find a course in a place near you!"
I will be there on the 20th. you bet, 40 in hand, well studied, and ready to pass.

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??? Never known any area where LEOs where able to issue licenses. Must be a regional thing.

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Never heard of buying a license from a cop but if you really could do so legally, why would you even consider the other process?

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The Legislature here in Wa transferred all motorcycle testing and licensing away from DOL and now it is all contracted out to the motorcycle training schools. You cannot get a permit, take a test or do a skills test with DOL anymore - only through one of the contracted schools.

One can walk into the office of the school in Lacey, during the few hours they are open, and take a written test to get a permit from them. To get a license now, you have to be tested by the school. My girlfriend took the beginners class last year, took the written test from them, and then the skills test as well. Yesterday, she took her first almost 100 mile ride with me -she riding my Shadow and my on my CTX.

You do NOT have to do the training with them to do the testing. You can take the tests both written and skills with them for a fee.

Written testing is $35
Skills is $45
Combo is $70

Those prices are for SCHEDULED tests.

It is $5 more if you are a walk in.

You cannot legally purchase an endorsement from any officer of the law in Washington. I'm not sure where you came up with that idea.

The process and rules are fully documented here: and there are links the the various training programs in the state, including Puget Sound Safety who both my girlfriend and I took the training and tests from.

Oh, also keep in mind that the fees from the school only cover the testing and or training. After you pass you have to take the results back to DOL and pay for your actual endorsement fee there. $15 for a permit, and an endorsement cost varies based on how much time left on your DL ($17-27)
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