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Okay, Im having an issue deciding on a new bike. So I’m pretty new into riding on two wheels. I got my motorcycle permit about 5-6 months ago and the same day went and bought a 2017 Honda Cb300f. There was a decent deal roughly about 1k off of the MSRP and I didn’t have that much money due to buying a new sports car ( could have literally bought 8 new/used mid priced bikes instead ). I’ve put only maybe 350-400 miles on my current bike unfortunately because of the hectic work schedules. My wife now has decided she wants to start understanding and preparing how to ride next riding season after she masters driving in a car and finishes getting her license. So logically the 300 would be a good choice for her starting out so I figure I’d keep it for her. Now here’s my issue. I still feel as a new rider I am not ready for a 600cc-1000cc class v4, and I’ve narrowed it down to a few bikes. Since I’m only 23 and my wife is 20, insurance is a huge factor seeing as we both drive a sports car, and I already have a motorcycle to worry about. So the choice at this point would be either a 2019 ninja 400, 0 miles, that’s listed at 3999, or a 2019 Suzuki sb650, 0 miles listed at 5999. Insurance will roughly be 100$-120$ For either of those two bikes. I’m just not sure which route to take. Both bikes don’t have a massive top speed or anything ( sv around 120-140 and n400 around 105-120 mph depending on rider weight ) but speed I don’t think is my main priority. I’m still learning and wanting to learn, and itching to ride a lot more and master my bike. So basically which bike is a more logical solution? Please feel free to share your experiences or opinions to help out making this decision! Don’t be a dick
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