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Part one. I have been told to get with the times, or something like that. So part one will be about what I ride, and what would replace it, as in getting with the times.
This part is limited to one size of bike only, 400cc. Reason is, that is where the insurance cost break is in BC where I ride. Anything bigger costs more $$. Also a 400 is a great size for around town with a bit of highway work.

What I ride. A 1983 XS400 Yamaha. 45 hp. bike weight dry about 370 pounds. Two carburetors, one front disk, one drum rear, mag wheels, mono shock rear.
Compared to the 2019 bike of the year in this size range, the Kawasaki Ninja 400. Has a bit more than 45hp, weighs about 370 pounds, single disk front and rear, mag wheels, mono shock at rear. So getting up to date with the times gives me ABS that I do not like, and no one knows how to check, fuel injection that requires fancy E gear to check and adjust, using a dyno costing much $$, a rear disc which is nice, 6 gears just like my XS, and I am searching for something else.

If I was looking for a new bike, I would seriously consider a Kawasaki Ninja 400, but getting with the times, does not seem to change much for me.
Am I missing something?

Part two will be about what has changed over the years, where I will take you back to magnetos, and drum brakes.
If you are wondering: I have jetted my XS400 the old fashioned way, and my SV1000S the modern way on the dyno.
My 1941 Ford tractor has electronic ignition and an alternator.


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Sounds to me like you are already pretty much up to modern spec. EFI can give you easier starting and better running while cold, and also automatic compensation for altitude. Beyond that, clean and well-adjusted carbs are just fine.

Tell whomever to just go ride their ride and let you ride yours.
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