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Hi all- I was cruisin home on my 79 Sporty XL 1000 yesterday and the generator light came on for about 20 seconds and then went out again. It stayed off for the rest of the 5 miles home. I have had no problems starting it although had to put the charger on it a couple of weeks ago but had not used it prior. Is my generator going out and can I have it checked out at my local electrical shop? How does a generator work on a harley? I used to drive a '81 Yamaha 650 Special that had to have new brushes every 2000 miles or so. Is this similar because its chain driven also? Im not new to bikin..just new to Harleys!

check connection to battery ground and hot check regulater wires make sure every thing is tight it can look good but be loose or a cremp broke good luck ...branch
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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