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gas tank dents

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have a small dent in the tank of a new-old bike im fixing up. the tank needs to be repainted anyways. what would be the best way to fix it? its up on the 'corner' of the tank so one of those section cup contraptions didnt fit on right
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If you can get something inside there to push it out without goin' too far then putty it over. I would grind all the paint away from the area and follow the mixing instructions on the putty can to the letter.
Have you heard of the freezer trick? You remove your tank, fill it up about half full with water and seal it up in a plastic trash bag and pop it in your freezer overnight-small dents will be pushed out when the water freezes
Heard of that but never tried it. I can imagine abd things happening though if you get it too full.
Dont take it out of the freezer with wet hands!!!!ouch!
BONDO! haha its the easiest way i fix dents, cheap but takes a little finess with shaping but works really well, just grind all the paint off and start shaping.
rinse the tank with water and fill it with vinigar and baking soda..... let it fizzzzzzzzz.... if you have a motorcross style gas cap with a rubber over flow hose you can plug it with your thumb.... ... as the presure builds tap around the perimeter of the dent .. ... .. .. use caution because you can split the seam of the tank .. or worse yet the damn thing can blow up.. .... do this at owen risk.... some use argon gas and a propane torch to remove dents but that is another story for another time... lol
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