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I’ve been searching for years for a solution to an easily accessible and AFFORDABLE garage door remote on the bike. For a short time I had a Honda CTX1300 with a full fairing and a good protected place to velcro a key ring remote, but other than that I’ve been stumped. I’ve seen a few options, but they were more than I wanted to spend, or just overly complicated to install and configure.

Went riding with a friend today, and he showed me this little round sensor thingie, which at first I though was an Apple Air Tag, but there was no apple on it. It’s a sensor for a Tailwind iQ3, which works with a controller in your garage, your smart phone, and your home WiFi to automatically close your door when you leave and open it when you return. It’s a little more ‘spensive than I was hoping, but for no buttons to fumble with and nothing to wire up on your bike, it looks to be worth it to me. There’s a couple of pieces to install and wire in the garage, but that’s a whole lot more preferable to tearing half my bike apart to snake wires around in there. My buddy swears by it, and I just preordered one. If you have an iPhone, you need the separate sensor in addition to the control module. If you have an Android phone and Bluetooth on your bike, you may not need the sensor.

Might not be for everybody, but somebody might find it worth checking out.
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