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Speeding and constantly being hyper-vigilant, on the lookout for radar-equipped LEO's keeps me alert, awake, and most importantly....not BORED on long trips.

This trip really took it to the limit.

I'm coming down the Beeline Highway from Payson to Phoenix Arizona, doing some "spirited" driving through some nice wide open country, big sweeper turns.

FWIW, road conditions are perfect, sunny day, light traffic...

My Valentine One starts beeping, the arrow indicating radar emissions from behind me.

This lights up the HARD alert system in my helmet.....repeatedly. By the time I get into a construction zone, it's starting to get annoying. I check my mirrors but really can't spot a LEO "back there."

One lane is closed and I'm stuck behind some vehicle, no possible way to pass, and he's doing EXACTLY the posted 45mph despite there being no actual construction going on.

I turn off the V-1 until I get out of the construction zone.

Finally get out of that, get around him, and light the fires. BRAP!!!! Dang it, that LEO is still back there, SOMEWHERE. Is he pacing me?

Each time I go around a corner where he/his radar can't possibly "see" me I open it up to try and put some distance between me and him. And then the Valentine goes off again. Is he doing the exact same thing I am?

By now this guy has been on my azz at least 15 miles and I'm annoyed I can't either MAKE him or LOSE him.

I spot an 18 wheeler in a pullout. I downshift as not to light up my brake lights, pull in right in front of him, and Fred Flintstone the bike backwards to where I"m invisible to a passing car.

Sure enough, 30 seconds later an unmarked Crown Vic with big fat tires roars by. But is it really LEO? The paint on thing is peeling, more like a USED cop car..

Is it just another speeder with a "leaky" radar detector setting off mine?

I get underway again, still doing 10+ mph over the limit, and dang it, I'm quickly getting MORE radar from the rear. How can this be?

Maybe the Crown Vic wasn't a LEO and the REAL LEO is still behind me. Or dang it, is this V-1 just TOO sensitive? Having a "major malfunction?"

I decide to take an off ramp normally.... just to see if anyone follows? (And if so, blow through the stop at the top and ZOOM right back onto the freeway at Warp speed?)

LOL, a Statey is CROSSING the bridge and heads down the on-ramp just as I'm coming up the off-ramp. So much for blowing the stop sign! Did the other LEO radio ahead" and tell this guy "hot motorcycle coming your way?"

I chuckle to myself, let him get a slight lead and then down the ramp onto the freeway again. "Got me a police escort now!"

So I'm cooking along, all proud of myself for having evaded not one but two of 'em and come up over a slight rise and there they are. All of 'em.

Two on one side, one on the other, and I'm guessing....spike strips laid out for me. Valentine one and HARD both screaming their little heads off...

If they zapped me with radar at the top of the rise, they've got me. I back it down to 65, expecting one to step out, wave me over, whatever.

Nothing. No spike strips, no guns, not even a wave. But one pulls out as soon as I roll past. Surely this is it. I prepare for him to turn on the lights.... The other one follows.

Both accelerate, fly past me, then pull up behind and surround an empty parked car another mile up the road.

Well, THAT wasn't boring.

I decided to obey the limit the rest of the way in through Fountain Hills....

So I either outran/outsmarted two Arizona HIghway Patrolmen today .....or else just IMAGINED the whole thing.


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Probably a state police helicopter messin with a motorcycle........

The whole area has been radiated...........

Airport, radar???????
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