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Yeah, our county road crew does the same. In fact they come thru with a brush hog in a vertical position cutting overhanging limbs from trees. Some are 6 inches in diameter by about 12 inches long with big ragged splinters as brush hog choppers don't really cut but break limbs like that. But there are hundreds of smaller stuff everywhere on the road. They have a big sweeper but seem to refuse using it. If that's not enough, if you crash and slide, you might get decapitated on barbed wire. The wire isn't their fault of course but it just adds to the danger out there. Think the interstate is safer? Not here. You can get decapitated on wire guard railing. Sure, it might keep a car from going into oncoming traffic but what about the motorcycle rider sliding into it. Instant death on an otherwise survivable crash. Dang...I should stop scarring myself with all the road hazards out there.


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There's actually a law against leaving grass clippings on the road in SC, but I've never heard of anyone charged for it. I do know of a couple of times when a particularly egregious violation was reported to the Highway Patrol, resulting in the miscreant having to sweep the road clean.
I'm from Upstate SC as well. Heard about the law before but I've also never heard of a single person charged for it, unfortunately
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